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24. 0/3 points All Submissions Notes Question: Walker2 3.P.015.
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Total 0/3 A vector A has a magnitude of 49.0 m and points in a direction 20.0° below the x axis. A second vector, B, has a magnitude of 70.0 m and points in a direction 41.0° above the x axis.

Find the magnitude and direction of the vector D.

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    I do not see how the vector D is defined. I have to assume that vector D is the sum of vectors A and B.

    To find the resultant (sum) of vectors, you would sum the x- and y-components by resolving the vectors in the x-direction (Pcos(θ)) and y-direction (Psin(θ)).
    The magnitude of the resultant is
    and the direction is obtained by
    Pay attention to the quadrant of the angle by observing the signs of SumX and SumY.

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