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On planet Tehar, the acceleration of gravity is the same as that on Earth but there is also a strong downward electric field with the field being uniform close to the planet's surface. A 2.16 kg ball having a charge of 4.80 uC is thrown upward at a speed of 21.0 m/s and it hits the ground after an interval of 3.63 s. What is the potential difference between the starting point and the top point of the trajectory?

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    The ball's acceleration downward is given by
    a * (3.63/2 s) = 21.0 m/s

    a = 11.57 m/s^2
    Since g = 9.81 m/s^2, the downward acceleration due to electrostatic force is 1.76 m/s^2

    The potential difference V due to electrostatic force at the top of the trajectory is given by
    M*1.76* H = Q*V

    Solve for V.

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    what is H?

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