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Suppose you are given a list of solutions (all with nonvolatile solutes) and their concentrations. You pick out the one with the lowest freezing point. It should also have (pick all that apply):
the lowest boiling point
the highest osmotic pressure
the lowest solvent vapor pressure
the highest boiling point
the highest solvent vapor pressure
the lowest osmotic pressure

i picked lowest boiling point, highest solvent vapor pressure, and lowest osmotic pressure. But it was wrong.

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    I think you picked all of the wrong ones.
    delta T = Kf*m.
    Thus for delta T to be the most, the freezing point will be the lowest. Now convert that information to boiling point.
    delta T = Kf*m
    For delta T to b the most, that means boiling point will be the highest.
    pi = MRT for osmotic pressure. Since delta T is the highest, then molality must be the highest; therefore, pi (osmotic pressure) must be the highest.
    Psoln = X<solvent>*Posolvent
    If delta T is highest, molality must be the most(for the solute); therefore, the SOLVENT must be less and that will give a smaller vapor pressure.
    Check my thinking.

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