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Algebra 116 Help Please

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1) Your are planning to spend no less than $8000.00 and no more than $12,000 on your landscape project
a) Write an inequality that demonstrates how much money you will be will to spend on the project
B) Suppose you want to cover the backyard with the decorative rock and plant some tress as the first phase of the project. You need 20 tons of rock to cover the area. If each ton cost %50 and each tree cost $60, what is the maximum numbert of tress you can buy with a budget for rock and tress of $2000? Write an inequality that illustrates the problem and solve. Express your answer as an inequality and explain how you arrive at your answer
2 You are going to help a neighbor build a ramp so he can easily go into his house in a wheelchair. In order to meet federal guideline, the ramp must not rise more than 1 foot over a horizontal distance of 12 vfeet.
a)What is the maxium slope of the ramp into house?
B)If the horizontal distance into the house is 49 feet, what is the maxium allowable rise of the ramp?
3. You are going to plant trees in your hilly backyard. Tree A is located at coordinates(1,2) and Tree B is located at (3,12).
Wgat us tge slope of the hill between the two trees? Show how you arrived at your answer

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