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Math (check please)

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Could you check these please? Firewood is usually sold by a measure known as a cord. A full cord may be a stack 8x4x4ft or a stack 8x8x2ft

10. what is the volume of a full cord?

11. A short cord or a face cord of wood is 8x4xThe lenght of the logs. What is the volume of a short cord of 2 1/2ft logs?
8*4*2 1/2=(80ft)

12. If you have an area that is 12ft long and 2ft wide in which to store your firewood, How high will a stack be if it is a full cord of wood?

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    #10 and #11 are correct if the answers were 128 ft³ and 80 ft³ (or cubic feet).

    A full cord of wood occupies 128 ft³, so the height needs to be:
    128/(12*2)=5 1/3 ft or 5'-4".

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    Thank you I didn't know I had to put cubed at the end of them. Can I ask why I need cubed at the end?

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    Foot (or feet) is for linear measurements, ft² for areas, and ft³ is required for volumes.

    A cord of wood measures the volume, obtained by multiplying:
    8 ft x 8 ft x 2 ft
    = 8 x 8 x 2 x ft x ft x ft
    = 128 ft³
    So the dimensions (units) are being multiplied as well.

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    Ok I understand now. I knew about the squared part for area's but I didn't even think about applying that to Volume. Thanks again

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    You're welcome!

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