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Can you please tell me if the following sentences are correct?
They all refer to Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. Thank you.

1) The man who marries Portia will be the one who chooses the correct casket.
2) Shylock is notorious for charging very high interest rates.
3) He promises to lend Antonio the money on the condition that if the sum is not repaid in three months, he will be entitled to take a pound of Antonio's flesh (or a pound of flesh from Antonio).
4) Antonio accepts the loan despite Bassanio's warnings.
5)Salerio is worried about Antonio's ships being lost off the coast of England. He fears that Antonio is not only in danger of losing his fortune but also his life.
6) On the one hand Shylock is consumed with anger about Jessica running away.On the other hand, he can't help thinking about the money he has lost and is therefore determined to take his revenge on Antonio.
7) He will take a pound of Antonio's blood if Antonio is unable to fulfil (?) the loan (to repay his debt/to repay him the money at the appointed date. Which one is best?)
8) News is brought that Doctor Bellario is ill and that he will be replaced by a young judge.
9)Shylock admits he wants the bond because he hates Antonio.
10)Portia warns him that if he spills a single drop of Antonio's blood he will die and lose all of his property.

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    7. This is best.
    . . . if Antonio is unable to repay his debt at the appointed date.

    All of these are excellent.

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