March 29, 2017

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The vertices of a parallelogram are the origin and the points A(-1,4), B(3,6), and C(7,2). Write the vector equations of the lines that make up the sides of the parallelogram

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    Are you sure your points are correct?

    None of the line segments form parallel lines, (slopes are not equal)

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    Isn't there another way to find the vector equation because they are the correct coordinates sample answers are:


  • Math - vector equation of a parallelogram - ,

    Sure, we can find the vector equations of those lines, but I hesitated since you called it a parallelogram, which it isn't.

    let's find vector equation for line BC
    direction vector of BC is [4,-4] or simplified to [1,-1)
    a point on there is {3,6)

    equation for BC:
    [x,y] = (3,6) + t(1,-1)

    I still think there is something wrong with your question.

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