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Math: Geometry/Algebra?

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A construction company needs to build thirty trusses for the roof of a house.

The truss is 20 ft long on the top two sides.

What is the bottom length of the truss?

the options for this answer were:

When I solved this, I got 28.3

  • Math: Geometry/Algebra? -

    missing information.
    Did you forget an angle or something like that?

  • Math: Geometry/Algebra? -

    in the problem?

    the diagram of the truss had 6 triangles inside it with a pentagon in the middle

    I sqrt 20 and got 400
    400+400 = 800 sqrt

  • Math: Geometry/Algebra? -

    it said which is an acceptable length for the bottom

  • Math: Geometry/Algebra? -

    Still not enough. There are too many possibilities.

    Are the triangles congruent, equilateral or are some angles given?
    Is the pentagon touching the base?
    Does the pentagon fit into the top of the truss?

    etc ??

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