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a boat goes 16 Km upstream and 24 Km downstream in can go 12Km upstream and 36 Km in same time.find the speed of boat in still water and speed of the stream

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    look at the algebraic equation that u posted previously. try to form an equation similar to that.

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    There is something inconsistent with the way this problem is stated. The ratio of upstream to downstream travel time should be independent of how far one travels. The second sentence is unecessary and inconsistent.

    Let V be the speed in still water and v be the stream velocity

    16/(V-v) = 6
    24/(V+v) = 6

    16 = 6V - 6v
    24 = 6V + 6v
    40 = 12V
    V = 3.33 km/h
    6v = 24 - 20 = 4 km/h
    v = 0.67 km/h

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