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Physics - elastic collision

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Car A, with mass of 1735kg, was traveling north at 45.5km/h and car B, with a mass of 2540kg, was traveling west at 37.7km/h when they collided at an intersection. if the cars stuck together after the collision, what was their combined momentum? Was the collision elastic or inelastic?

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    It is NOT an elastic collision, they stuck together. Combined momentum= sum of initial momentums. Do this as vector addition.

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    Since the directions are north and west you directly use the Pythagoras theorem to find the resultant speed?? and the tan of the two two get the angle??

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    Mass of Car a (Ma)= 1735kg, Vai= 45.5 km/hour= 12.64m/s

    Mass of Car b (Mb) = 2540kg, Vbi= 37.7km/hour= 10.47m/s

    pi = pf

    MaVai+ MbVbi = Vf (m1+m2)

    (175)(12.64) + (2540)(10.47) = pf

    pf = 28805.8 J

    Elastic collision because Pi=Pf

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