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Posted by Noelle on Thursday, September 2, 2010 at 7:43pm.

For each of the following, write a net ionic equation (modeled above). Wherever there is a precipitate, state the name of the precipitate (e.g “lead iodide” from above). Pop onto the net and see if you can find a description of the physical properties (e.g colour) of this precipitate.


1. Mixing solutions of sodium bromide with magnesium nitrate
Net ionic equation: Na+(aq) + Br(aq) + Mg+2(aq) + NO3-(aq)  no rxn
Precipitate: N/A

2. Mixing solutions of barium acetate with sodium phosphate
Net ionic equation: Ba+2(aq) + CH3COO-(aq) + Na+(aq) + PO4-3(aq)  no rxn

3. Mixing solutions of thallium sulphate with magnesium chloride
Net ionic equation: Te+(aq) + SO32-(aq) + Mg2+(aq) + Cl-(aq)  Te+(aq) + Cl-(aq) + MgSO3 (s)
Precipitate: Yes

4. Mixing solutions of strontium chloride with copper sulphate
Net ionic equation: Sr2+(aq) + Cl-(aq) + Cu+(aq) + SO3-2(aq)  Cl-(aq) + Cu+(aq) + SrSO3(s)
Precipitate: Yes

5. Mixing solutions of copper acetate with potassium chloride
Net ionic equation: Cu+(aq) + CH3COO-(aq) + K+(aq) + Cl-(aq)  no rxn
Precipitate: N/A

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