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math (college algebra)

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Ok I have two questions I have NO CLUE how to complete on my homework. Please help ASAP!

(1) Solve the formula for the specified variable

r = vx for r (the question is) v = ?

a = 1/3f * p for f (the question is) f = ?

(2) Solve the forulma for v

S = D + vm (the question is) v = ?

  • math (college algebra) -

    1. r = VX.
    Divide both sides by X:
    V = r/X.

    a = (f/3)p
    Multiply both sides by 3:
    3a = fp,
    Divide both sides by p:
    f = 3a/p.

    2. S = D + vm
    Subtract D from both sides:
    vm = S - D,
    Divide both sides by m:
    v = (S - D) / m

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