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Posted by jae on Wednesday, September 1, 2010 at 9:14pm.

My answers
2. Mercenary
3. Assailed
4. Appease
6. Taint
1-2 _ people tend to place the public welfare above their own
self-interest. In contrast,_ people will exploit anyone for a profit
they will even sell harmful.

3-4 The angry customer loudly _ e(d)the salesman for having sold
her a broken clock. The salesman for quickly _e(d) her by giving her
full refund.

5-6 A certain rare_ includes a very odd symptom - an uncontrollable
urge to use obscene language. This disease can_ a victim’s reputation,
because some people who hear the foul language won’t understand the
reason for it.

7-8 my boss judges performance in a(n) manners, praising and scolding
according to his moods. And when he says, “please stay a few minutes
longer today, “a few minutes” is a(n) for “an hour”

9-10 the critic hated stale language , instead of writing a(n) _
comment such as that ballerina is light on her feet he made an
interesting _ to the dancer’s movements: she was never heavier than
moonlight .

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