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Math: graphing check

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for this x < 3

would I put a dot on 3 (on the y-axis)

and it would be a dotted line just through 3 vertical.

and which side would be shaded the right side where the x-axis is negatives.

  • Math: graphing check -

    X < 3
    Graph: x = 3 = The boundary line = a
    vertical dotted line.

    x = 3 for all values of y:
    P1(3 , -2) , P2(3 , 2) , (3 , 4).

    All points to the left of the dotted
    line should satisfy the inequality,
    but none of the points on the line
    should satisfy the inequality.

    If there was an = sign in your inequality, it would be a solid line
    and all points on it would satisfy
    the inequality.

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