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Homework Help: english vocab

Posted by jay on Saturday, August 28, 2010 at 10:17pm.

__________ 1-2 Already angry,the customer
became more ___ when he
__________ received only this __
response: No return.
_______ 3-4 when I answer my phone and
hear someone demand, "who is
_______ my _ is _ to "I'm the person
whose phone was ringing. who
is this?"
______ 5-6 because of terrorist
attempts to flights
airline security workers
______ are __of even innocent
looking passengers.

______ 7-8 I began the semester with
great __ for my chemistry
class, but the
_______ realization that i did'nt
have the necessary
background quickly __ me

______ 9_10 margo intended to accept the
job offer to e a salad chef but a(n) offer for an office position has presented her with a(n) should she take the _____interesting restaurant job which pays poorly or the higher-paying job that may not interest her much?

words Curt, Demoralize, dilemma,inclination, irate, retort, sabotage, subsequent, wary,zeal

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