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Homework Help: CHEMISTRY> HELP QUICK! pls

Posted by Lucinda on Saturday, August 28, 2010 at 9:29pm.

1. What is the amount of oxalate in 2 mL of 0.035M solution?
a) 7 ℅ 10每2 mole
b) 1.75 ℅ 10每2 mole
c) 7 ℅ 10每5 mole
d) 1.75 ℅ 10每5 mole
2. Sodium oxalate may be prepared by titrating oxalic acid (C2H2O4) with
sodium hydroxide, according to the equation:
C2H2O4(aq) + 2NaOH(aq) ↙ Na2C2O4(aq) + 2H2O(l)
If the titration of 2 mL oxalic acid with 0.05M NaOH requires 4.3 mL of
titrant, what is the concentration of C2H2O4(aq)?
a) 0.054M
b) 0.043M
c) 0.22M
d) 0.11M
3. The concentration of FeSO4.7H2O (MW = 278.0) is 300 g L每1. What is the
concentration in mol L每1?
a) 2.78M
b) 0.93M
c) 1.08M
d) 3.00M
4. What are the oxidation numbers of sodium and chlorine in NaCl?
Na Cl
a) 0 0
b) +1 +1
c) +1 每1
d) 每1 每1
5. What is the indicator in the titration of hypochlorite with thiosulfate?
a) thiosulfate
b) iodide
c) hypochlorite
d) iodine

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