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The Question that was not answered. (twice)

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What are the four basic levels of ecological study, and what is the focus of inquiry at each of these levels?

I don't know what it's asking to start with and can't find anything relevant online, in my textbook or in my study guide! Since it says levels, I think it might be 1) individual 2) population 3) community 4)ecosystem.. but frankly I don't know.. please help!

  • The Question that was not answered. (twice) -

    This is the third time you've posted this in less than an hour. Jiskha is staffed by volunteers who graciously answer the questions they can in their spare time.

    You could wait several hours for a science tutor to respond, although at the present, we do not have a biology expert as one of our regular tutors.

    You might try this site, although since it is also staffed by volunteers, you may not receive an answer here:

  • The Question that was not answered. (twice) -

    According to a Wiki website, there are five "basic levels of ecological study". It all depends upon who your teacher or what your textbook is.

    This is not my field. Good luck finding help elsewhere.

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