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Can someone show me the step to solving this equation because I am just not getting it. My teacher is confusing me, so I need someone else to explain it in a different uncomplicated way. y-1/x+3 = -3/4.Thanks so much you guys for the help.

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    You must use parentheses when typing equations like this; otherwise we can't be sure what the problem is.

    Is the equation
    (y-1)/(x+3) = -3/4, or
    y - (1/x) + 3 = -3/4 ?
    Those are two entirely different equations.

    If it is the former, get rid of the denominator to write
    y - 1 = -3x/4 -9/4

    Then combine the constants on one side.
    y = -3x/4 -5/4

    You cannot solve a single equation for two unknowns. Do they want an equation for y in terms of x, or vice versa?

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