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the length of a rectangle is 9 inches. write an expression for the area of the rectangle if the width is w inches. find the area of the rectangle when the width is 1,8,9, and 11 inches.

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    let A = area of rectangle
    let w = width of rectangle

    area of rectangle = length * width, therefore:
    A = 9w

    then plug-in values for the width in the formula:
    (a) if w=1, A = 9*1 = 9 sq. in
    (b) if w=8, A = 9*8 = 72 sq. in
    (c) if w=9, A = 9*9 = 81 sq. in
    (d) if w=11, A = 9*11 = 99 sq. in

    so there,, =)

  • geometry -

    A spherical storage tank has a diameter of 14 feet.

    Approximately how many cubic feet of water will it hold

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