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Which one of the following statements about intelligence is the most accurate?

a) IQ is a vaild measurement, and environment factors do not change mental ability

b) intelligence is mostly genetic, has the most variablity between groups, and is reliable regardless of the environment

c) intelligence is partially genetic, can be influenced by environmental factors, and has the most variability within groups.

d) Intelligence is different between groups because of genetics

May answer choice was C

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  • Psychology -

    Within groups, differences in intelligence are highly correlated with_______. Between groups, differences are highly correlated with ________.

    a) heritability: environment
    b)environment: genes
    c) heritability:random error in measurment
    d) genes: the heritability estimate

    my answer choice was A but i am conflicted with B. They both seem to be correct although I think A may be the answer I go with. What do you all think?

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