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Use the following statistics from Robert Morris Associates' Annual Statement Studies to answer the following question(s).
Net sales 100.0 percent
Cost of sales 59.9 percent
Gross profit 40.1 percent
Operating expenses 31.2 percent
Net profit (before taxes) 8.9 percent

Using Anthony's target income of $23,000, construct a pro forma income statement for Anthony's proposed music shop.

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    Your subject is not fiance!

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    fiance: male who is engaged to be married

    We don't have that annual statement studies.


    Review How to Establish, Use, and Protect Your Credit located under your Week Four Electronic Reserve Readings. List one way to establish your credit and one way to protect your credit. What are some things you can do to improve poor credit?

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    Begin by opening individual savings and checking accounts in your name. Over time, your deposits, withdrawals, and transfers will demonstrate that you can handle money responsibly. Applying for a loan is another option, but be aware that this method of establishing a credit history will cost, since loans require the payment of interest. You could take out a bank loan secured by the funds you have on deposit or by items you own, such as a car. You could also ask a friend or relative who has good credit to cosign a loan, which means that he or she shares liability for the loan. If one has fallen behind in your payments, begin immediately to repair your credit record. Some simple steps are as follows: Face up to the problem. Recognize that you are overextended, and contact your creditors to see if they will set up a new payment schedule that you can maintain. In any case, don't ignore your bills. Immediately stop purchasing with credit. Take your credit cards out of your wallet. Store them in a spot that is hard to reach, or even cut them up. Consider consolidating debts. You may find it easier to make a single payment rather than several. You might also get a lower interest rate that will make it easier to keep up with payments. Remember that debt consolidation is not a cure-all. You have to learn to control your spending to avoid future debt. Contact a credit counseling organization.

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