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Take any number (except for 1). Square that number and then subtract one. Divide by one less than your original number. Now subtract your original number. You reached 1 for an answer, didn’t you? How does this number game work? (Hint: Redo the number game using a variable instead of an actual number and rewrite the problem as one rational expression). How did the number game use the skill of simplifying rational expressions? Create your own number game using the rules of algebra and post it for your classmates to solve. Be sure to think about values that may not work. State whether your number game uses the skill of simplifying rational expressions.

Consider responding to your classmates by solving their number game or expanding on their game to create an even more challenging one. You may want to review responses to your number game in case you need to make changes or help another student

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    All you have to do is create a number game. It shouldn't be too difficult. Just make sure you "undo" what you "do". If you add five, make sure you subtract five later on (maybe just not all at once so it doesn't look as obvious). Try to create one and check it and post it if you want.

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