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College Alegebra

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The line through (1, 3) with slope of 1/2 (I used the point slope equation)

y-y1 = m(x-x1) y-3 = 1/2(x-1)
(work the parenthesis first)
+3 +3
Y = 1/2x+5/2 LCD of 2 to convert fractions into whole numbers.
2y = x+5 Answer, however I need to place it in standard form where x and y are on the same side.

2y = x+5
-x -x
-x+2y=5 This should be the correct and final answer
Choices below are from the textbook, but none of the answers I come up with match any of the choices. What did I do wrong, and would you show me the steps as I have to show my work, and I can see where I made my mistake? Thanks

x+4y =13
x-2y = 5
y = 8x-5
y = 2x+1
y = 3

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    From your Y-3=1/2x-1/2 , I would multiply each term by 2

    2y - 6 = x - 1
    -x + 2y = 5
    x - 2y = -5

    the slope of this line is 1/2
    and the point (1,3) satisfies it.

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    Your derivation is so full of errors that I cannot follow it at all. Most steps do not follow from the previous step.

    The first thing to write down is
    y - 3 = (1/2)(x - 1)
    from which follows:
    y = x/2 + 3 - 1/2 , and
    = x/2 + 5/2

    That would be the standard "y = mx + b" frm

    If you want x and y on the same side,
    y - x/2 = 5/2 or
    2y - x = 5

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