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I'm sorry I don't think I'm following. I re-read the sentences and it's obv that the answers aren't meant to be clear, but I'm finding it hard to distinguish the difference.

am I supposed to separate the sentences "in half" with a part being subjective and a part being objective?

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    No, the subjective and objective elements will not be so cut and dried. Individual words will tell you facts vs opinions.

    For example ...

    1.The cause of this situation is the mayor’s irresponsible plan.

    The situation (whatever it is) is a fact; it is something that exists, and it seems clear that it's a result of something else. Everything is the result of something else.

    The word "irresponsible" is an opinion of the writer's. Other people may not think the plan is irresponsible.

    The mayor's plan is a fact; it exists.

    Now ... try finding the different elements in the other two sentences.

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