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Solve for y

x-2y/5=3(y+2)/4 +3

This is what I did and I don't know if it's right or what to do next. Find the Lcd which is 20.

I get: 4x-8y=15y+30=60 I don't know what to do from here. I'm so confused.

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    From your work, it appears that the original expression is:
    (x-2y)/5=3(y+2)/4 +3
    If that is the case, your intermediate calculation is correct:

    From here, you will group all terms containing y to the left hand side, and everything else to the right to get:
    -15y-8y=-4x+30+60, or
    -23y = -4x + 90
    Now divide by the coefficient of y, namely -23:
    y = (4/23)x - 90/23

    Substitute this value of y into the left and right hand sides of the original equation to make sure they are equal (=(3/23)(x+12))

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