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college physics

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Each of four particles moves along an x-axis. Their coordinates (in meters) as functions of time (in seconds) are given by:

Particle #1: x(t)=2t^2-4

Particle #2: x(t)= -3t-4

Particle #3: -2t^2-4

Particle #4: 2 *[sq. root (t+1)] -4

Which of these particles are speeding up for 0<t< infinity?

a)#1 only
c)all four

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    If you consider "speeding up" to be an increase in speed, regardless of direction, then none of the choices is correct.
    #2 and #3 accelerate, backwards. The others start out by slowing down.

    They may be referring to increasing speed as an increase in V in the positive direction.

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