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Physics - Forces

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A 42kg girl jumps on a trampoline, after stretching to its bottom limit; the trampoline exerts an average upward force on the girl over a diplacement of 0.50m. During the time that the trampoline is pushing her up, se experiences an average acceleration of 65.0m/s^2. Her velocity at the moment that she leaves the trampoline is 9.4m/s[up]
a) What is the average force that the trampoline exerts on the girl?
b) How much high does she bounce?

  • Physics - Forces -

    avgforce*distance=1/2 mass*velocity^2
    solve for avgforce.

    How high?
    1/2 mass*velocity^2=mass*gh
    or 1/2 velocity^2/g= height

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