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find the slope and intercept of the line 8y +3x+3 +5+3x

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    Where is the = sign ?

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    0=6x + 8 +8y

    is that what the question is?

    it should most likely be in this format


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    there is not one.

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    find the slope and intercept of the line 8y +3x+3 = 5+3x

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    oh ok. you have to put that into slope intercept form. So it would be

    8y=2 (because when we subtract the 3x with the 3x it cancels out)

    then divide the 8

    so y= 1/4

    im pretty sure that's how it would reduce down to now you just have to pull your info from that

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    Rebekah is correct if there are no further typos in the question. The line is y = 1/4 which is a horizontal line hitting the y axis (y intercept) at y = 1/4)

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    thank you so very much for your help

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