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Posted by patiance on Saturday, August 21, 2010 at 8:01pm.

Choose a human services client from a particular background· Describe the clients background, including age, gender, racial or ethnic status
· Identify the clients presenting issue
· Create a case scenario for this client
· Write a 1,000- to 1,250-word analysis of how you would interview this client
and include the following:

o Your personal communication style with this client
o How you would establish an effective working relationship with this individual
o Any self-disclosure or boundary issues that may occur
o Attending behaviors and helping techniques you would use and to which models they would relate
o Non-verbal communication you would look for and why it would be relevant
o Any special communication needs or cultural specific sensitivities which may be specific to a diverse or disenfranchised client
thisis what I have so far please give feedback
Danielle is a 21 year old white female; who is expecting her third child. Danielle is addicted to pain medication and has been in jail several times, due to drug chargers. Danielle’s mother has been the prime care giver for her two small children, since they were born. Danielle’s children are only three years old and 14 months old and are biracial. Danielle comes from a single parent family; where her mother worked many long hours to provide for the family. Danielle’s father has not played a role in her life, since she was ten years old.
Danielle is considering given the unborn child up for adoption and seeks information on her options. Danielle also wants help with her addiction to pain medication and help with becoming a more productive loving parent.
I will use the person centered approach to establish communication with Danielle. This style of communication will provide a comfortable non judgmental environment; which will include open communication, genuineness empathy and conditional positive regard toward Danielle. I will also use a non- direct approach. This approach will help Danielle to find her own solutions to her problems. I will encourage Danielle to talk about her experiences and express how she feels. To show empathy and to show that I have listened to everything she has said, I will repeat emotional significant statements back to her.

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