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refraction and snells law

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problem;what a fused quartz n=146 make angle 45 degree with normal line enter unknown material ligth ray refracted make a angle of 22 degree find index of unknown material. write a equation for problem ,using snells law and information given in the problem of this statement.

  • refraction and snells law -

    sin(Angleincidence)*nincidence= sin(Anglerefracted)*nrefracted

  • refraction and snells law -

    N(quartz) = 1.46, not 146.

    Snells's law is
    N1*sin(theta) = N2*sin(theta2)

    In your case, solve for N2.

    1.46 sin45 = N2*sin 22

    N2 = 1.46*(.70711)/(.37461) = 1.8876

  • refraction and snells law -

    A beam of light passes from the fused quartz of a bottle (n = 1.46) into the ethyl alcohol (n = 1.36) that is contained inside the bottle. If the beam of the light inside the quartz makes an angle of 25.0° with respect to the normal of both substances, at what angle to the normal will the light enter the alcohol?

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