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The CIO of ABC Health Care wants you to develop an organizational chart for the HIM Department. The chart should portray the groups under each unit and any other staff that work within the various departments.

Use the ABC Health Care HIM organizational chart with the list provided to correctly match the hierarchy of departments and personnel. Your deliverable for this can be a list (1–16) with the correct matches.

For example: 1. CIO (Chief Information Officer)

Please Note: In the downloadable organizational chart, certain numbers have asterisks because there is more than one correct answer.

Download HIM Department Organizational Chart
In a minimum of 300 words, explain what an organizational chart accomplishes for a health organization.

What is the purpose of an organizational chart?
What are the limitations of what an organizational chart communicates?
How can an organizational chart be used for strategic planning?

  • Health management -

    1. Your school subject is not college.

    2. Jiskha has no access to your text materials.

  • ABC Health Care Organizational Chart -

    need to download the organizational chart but the PDF file is not a win 32 application, what does this mean. I have adobe and all updates downloaded but cannot complete this organizational chart because I cannot download the material needed, "the organizational chart".

  • college -

    How do I download the ABC Health HIM organizational chart?

  • college -

    i need help to get started with this assignment?

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