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01.Which area of Phonetics deals with manner and place of articulation of sounds?

a Acoustic
b Morphology
c Articulatory
d Auditory

02.Select the statement that is incorrect.

a Phonology deals with the individual sounds of the language, word and sentence stress,
intonation patterns and connected speech features.
b The organs of speech are also called articulators.
c Intonation shows emotions; the attitude of the speaker.
d All words in a sentence are stressed in English.

03.Which categories do phonemes consist of?

a Vowel sounds
b Consonant sounds
c Vowel and consonant sounds
d Voicing

04.The phoneme / ? / is in the word ...

a routine
b cheese
c machine
d none of the above

05.The phoneme / æ / is in the word ...

a day
b machine
c advance
d cart

06.The sound schwa can be found in the word ....

a isle
b Islam
c melodic
d nurse

07.Which features should be taken into account when describing a vowel sound?

a The height and horizontal position of the tongue
b The length of the sound
c The lip position and voicing
d All of the above

08.Which word sounds different?

a breathe
b treat
c sweat
d sweet

09.The vowel sound in the word cat is a ...

a front low short sound.
b front mid short sound.
c front low long sound.
d none of the above

10.The vowel sound in the word food is a ...

a back low short sound.
b back high long sound.
c back high short sound.
d central mid long sound.

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