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it is second paragraph.
I want to tell you English is my second language.I try my best to do it in right way .

After the death of Enkidu .He asks him self does this mean I have to die too? This thinking changes his direction. It is not doubt to say that Enkidu‘s death change throughout the course of Gilgamesh‘s adventures .Now he wants an immortal life. But it was very difficult task to do. Before his friend’s death, he might have not much problem in his way because Enkidu was a great help for him. Now it is a different story. He traveled land killing animals and wearing their skins. He met Utnapishtim, who was allowed to live in the distance by his gods .It was not easy to set a meeting with Utnapishtim. He put himself in hard way but outcome was not successful. At the end, he was very aggressive and tense of his fate .He never achieve his goal. Although he could not get an immortal life, he reconciled at last to his mortality.

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