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AP US History

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C. Identification
Supply the correct identification for each numbered description.

1._____ Extended period when glaciers covered most of the North American Continent.
2._____ Staple crop that formed the economic foundation of Indian Civilization.
3._____ Important Mississippian culture site, near present East St. Louis, Illinois.
4._____ First European nation to send explorers around the west coast of Africa.
5._____ Flourishing West African kingdom that had its capital and university at Timbuktu.
6._____ Mistaken term that European explorers gave to American lands because of the false belief that they were off the coast of Asia.
7._____ Animal introduced by Europeans that transformed the Indian way of life on the Great Plains.
8._____ Among the major European diseases that devastated Native American populations after 1492 (name two).
9._____ Disease originating in Americas that was transmitted to Europeans after 1492.
10._____ Treaty that secured Spanish title to lands in Americas by dividing them with Portugal.
11._____ Wealthy capital of the Aztec empire.
12._____ Person of mixed European and Indian ancestry.
13._____ Indian uprising in New Mexico caused by Spanish efforts to suppress Indian religion.
14._____ Indian people of the Rio Grande Valley who were cruelly oppressed by the Spanish conquerors.
15._____ Roman Catholic religious order of friars that organized a chain of missions in California.

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    You've forgotten two things in this post:

    1. the terms to be identified

    2. your answers

    If you post those, we'll be glad to check your answers.

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