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Posted by action on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 at 2:26pm.

some child phychologists hace oncluded that is the stongest predictor of both scholastic and career achievement. A. physical illness B. respect for authoirity C. emotional well-being D. inherited intelligence (My answer C) 2. a chikld's ability to jum for distance is an example od A. agility B. flexibility C. explosive power D. reaction time (My answer C)
3. A child who moved from throwing a ball using only an elbow movement to throwing a ball using her elbow, wrist, and shoulder is showing signs of development A. intertask B. spatial C. joint-plate D. intratask
(MY answer D)
4.A teacher requests that a child use a small stepladder to reach a book on a shelf. She is helping the child develop A. primitive reflexes B. movement qualities C. locomotor reflexes D. spatial awareness (My answer D) Please examine my answers and look forward to your reply. Thanks

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