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Computer programming

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Sorting is a common operation used in programming. Although languages such as Visual Basic 2008 offer built-in methods for sorting, other languages such as C do not support such a method. In order to be a programmer you should be able to implement such programming logic using programming languages. Read about two different types of sorting methods early in the week and write a modular program that performs the following functions:

* Allows the user to enter 10 integers for sorting

* Allows the user to select one of the two types of sorting techniques

* Allows the user to select either the ascending or descending order

* Displays the sorted list of numbers according to the options selected by the user

  • Computer programming -

    Decide on the kind of sorting you would like to use, and write your code or pseudocode.

    Types of sorting could be bubble sort, bucket sort, quicksort, shell sort, etc.

    Google "sorting" and make your choice.

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