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A ball with a mass of .2 kg travelling at a speed of 26 m/s is struck by a bat. If the duration of the impulse is .001 seconds and the speed of the ball afterwards is the same as before, what is the average force (to the nearest Newton) of the impact?

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    On the other hand, if the magnitude of the average force in the problem above is 20000 N, what is the speed to the nearest m/s after collision?

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    (Average force)* (Impact duration)=
    (change in momentum) = 2 M V
    Avg. Force = 2*(0.2)*26/0.001 Newtons

    Crunch the numbers.

    For the second part, solve for the change in momentum. Add it to the initial momentum (which is backwards and negative) to get the final momentum, and from that get the speed.

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