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Posted by Alicia on Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 1:17am.

The following table describes five situations in which a person reacts to stress in an unhealthy manner. For each:
a. identify the stressor(s).
b. briefly explain why the person's reaction is an unhealthy choice.
c. briefly describe one healthy alternative way of reacting and why you consider this approach a healthy choice.
d. identify two possible moderators of stress for this situation.
First situation is:
Jim hates attending meetings at which he might be asked a question. His hands begin to shake at the thought of not having the right answer.
Second situation is:
Lori's stomach hurts constantly. Lori was married eight months ago, is expecting her first child in five months, and just started a new job after finishing her graduate degree.
Third situation is:
Dalene feels paralyzed with two choices: (a) stay in a job where the boss is overbearing and abusive, but where she has a steady paycheck or; (b) pursue a business opportunity and risk the security of a steady paycheck.
Last situation is:
Harold sees his coworkers as inconsiderate, unsupportive, and lazy. He hates his job.

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