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In this lab, we will be looking at Indian Corn that is the result of two parents. The parents were both Yy Ss. Y is yellow, y stands for white. The Yellow trait is dominant. S is smooth, s is shrunken. Smooth is dominant. Before we start, we need to list the possible gametes for the corn. We could have YS Ys yS ys. So, we need to do a Punnett square to determine what phenotypic ratios we would expect for the offspring of this match up.

Gametes YS Ys yS ys

So, we need to fill out the Punnett square. If there is a dominant allele, then that is the trait that will be expressed phenotypically. For instanceYy, will be yellow. If there is no dominant allele, then the recessive trait will be expressed. For instance yy will be white.
Fill out the table and determine the ratio of Yellow Smooth, Yellow Shrunken, White Smooth, White Shrunken.

What is this ratio?

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    With the four possibilities of gametes from each parent, you have a total of 16 possible combinations.

    Have you filled out the Punnett square? Divide the total of each phenotype by 16.

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