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First two hw of 50 that I am trying to get a handle on. Any help would be appreciated.

3.What gaseous substance is driven off of succrose when it is heated?
is the answer CO2?

7.What gaseous substance is driven off of succrose when it is reacted with acid?

17. What is the back residue left over after complete dehydration of a carbohydrate?

a. C b. SO2 c. HSO2 d. H20

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    3. If heated to a high temperature, the carbon will burn giving CO2; however, I think the problem refers to a more gentle heating. In that case it will drive off water (which at the temperature of a burner will be a gas) leaving carbon.

    7. What acid. With H2SO4, it is dehydrated leaving carbon and the reaction gets hot enough to vaporize the water. If treated with chloric acid (HClO3), CO2, H2O, and HCl are produced.

    17. Did you mean "black" residue? carbon.

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    Thanks for the reply. Question does not specify which acid. There are a min. of ten other questions that just state 'acid', which makes it more confusing.

    yes, 'black' residue.

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