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Axia Math 117

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I am of need of HELP. I am working on the word problems for AXIA math 117 and I do not understand the first problem. I have listed the information below. I have tried many times and I have not figured this out. My assignment is due tomorrow and I am desperate for help with work shown so I can understand. There is multiple parts and I only copied part of it.
The cost, in millions of dollars, to remove x % of pollution in a lake modeled by the equation C=6,000/200-2x^2

What is the cost to remove 20% of the pollutant?

Please help! Thanks!

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    First of all, I don't think you meant to type the equation as you did, or else why not reduce it to
    C = 3000 - 2x^2

    So I will assume you meant
    C = 6000/(200-2x^2)

    Secondly, the way you defined x % , we would have to replace x with 20, and then your result would be
    C = 6000/(200 - 800) which will result in a negative cost, thus making no sense.

    If we replace 20% with 0.2, we would get
    C = 6000/(200 - .08) = 30.012

    but the cost of removing 90% would then be
    6000/(200 - 1.62) = 30.24
    which is only slightly higher than removing 20%.
    This does not make sense to me, so please check the typing of the equation, and the definition of x

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