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Which of the following statements regarding marketing strategies

  • marketing - incomplete -

    Insufficient information

  • marketing research -

    1. What is the basic purpose for conducting marketing research? (Points: 1)
    To make decisions for managers
    To furnish information that helps managers make better decisions
    To assist government regulatory agencies
    To help develop new products
    To confirm management's decisions

    2. Historically, one problem with the research project emphasis of gathering marketing intelligence has been __________. (Points: 1)
    its crisis-response orientation
    its lack of validity
    the lack of trained researchers
    the lack of computer resources
    misinterpretation of data by decision makers

    3. The fundamental difference between a Marketing Information System (MIS) and a Decision Support System (DSS) is that __________. (Points: 1)
    they use different types of data
    a DSS relies on sophisticated statistical analysis; an MIS does not
    an MIS uses data that is timelier than that used by a DSS
    using an MIS requires extensive training; a DSS does not
    a DSS is used interactively; an MIS is not

    4. Data that has already been collected for some other program or study is called __________. (Points: 1)
    primary data
    secondary data
    preliminary data
    exploratory data

    5. A store manager for Kroger noticed that several of his regular customers had stopped coming to his store. He also noticed that most of these customers had started shopping at the Wal-Mart Super center that had opened about a mile from Kroger a few months ago. The fundamental source of this marketing problem might best be described as __________. (Points: 1)
    a planned change in the marketing environment
    an uncontrollable change in the marketing environment
    a planned change that occurred at the Kroger store
    None of the above

    6. The Transportation Department at University of Houston wishes to determine what type of campus transportation system is preferred by UH's 30,000 undergraduate students. Data is collected from 400 undergraduate students enrolled in one section of Freshman English Literature. What type of sample is being utilized in this project? (Points: 1)
    Stratified sample
    Nonprobability sample
    Objective sample
    Probability sample
    User sample

    7. The owner of Cathy's Calendar Company, upon realizing that the main distributors of the calendars produced by the company were limited to small gift shops, posed the following question: Are there promising markets that we have not yet reached? Such a question focuses on which aspect of marketing research? (Points: 1)
    Problem solving
    Product placement
    Distributorship selection

    8. Which of the following illustrate marketing? (Points: 1)
    Taco Bell offers value menus to its customers
    The U.S. Postal Service exchanges postal services for stamp/mailing fees.
    The Red Cross exchanges its services for donations from citizens by caring for unfortunate people after a hurricane.
    Song Airlines offers lower-priced fares to its customers than Delta Airlines
    All of the above illustrate marketing.

    9. It is important to meet with the client at the earliest stages of the research project __________. (Points: 1)
    so that an appropriate budget can be established
    so that the researcher(s) and client can begin to develop rapport and trust
    so that research methods can be selected in time to meet project deadlines
    so that the researcher(s) can get as much background information as possible
    Both b and d

    10. A customer service representative for a large financial institution noticed that several of the bank's customers had recently closed accounts and paid off loans long before the loans were due. He also noticed that most of the customers had closed their accounts shortly after a competitor had opened a new branch nearby. The fundamental source of this marketing problem might best be described as __________. (Points: 1)
    a planned change in the marketing environment
    the presence of a new competitor
    an unplanned change in the marketing environment
    None of the above

  • marketing -

    using an MIS requires extensive training; a DSS does not

  • marketing -


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