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Chemistry-iodometric titration

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In an iodometric titration, excess potassium iodide solution (KI) is added to the sample.Analyte such as chlorine liberates iodine from KI under acidic condition. Liberated iodine is titrated against standard sodium thiosulphate.
The concentration of analyte in the sample is given as
mg analyte/L
= (mL sodium thiosulphate x normality of sodium thiosulphate x milliequivalent weight of analyte) / mL of sample

Why do we need to multiply by normality of sodium thiosulphate?

  • Chemistry-iodometric titration -

    mL Na2S2O3 x N Na2S2O3 = # milliequivalents.
    Then #milliequivalents x milliequivalent weight = grams.

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