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Scientist estimate the heights of features on the moon by measuring the lenghts of the shadows they cast on the moon's surface. From a photograph, you find that the shadow cast on the inside of a crater by its rim is 325 meters long. At the time the photograph was taken, the sun's angle of elevation from this place on the moon's surface was 23deg37minutes. How high does the rim rise above the inside of the crater?

  • trigo -

    The only hard part I see about this problem is the way the angle is stated.
    you will have to change it to
    (23 + 37/60)° and then take the tangent ratio.

    (on my calculator I have a key labelled D°M'S
    so I could take

    and I get the same result as above.
    BTW, did you get a height of 142.1 m ?

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