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Posted by Sam on Tuesday, July 27, 2010 at 11:55pm.

The values of Ksp for silver bromide, AgBr is 7.7x10^-13, and silver chloride, AgCl is 1.6x10^-10. A solution containing a mixture of 2.0x10^-2 M Br^- and 2.0x10^-2 M Cl^- is a candidate for separation using selective precipitation. Solid AgNO3 is added without changing the volume of solution. Silver nitrate is very soluble.

a. At what concentration of Ag^+ will silver bromide first begin to precipitate?

b. At what concentration of Ag^+ will silver chloride first begin to precipitate?

c. What will the residual concentration of Br^- in solution be just as the condition in part b is reached?

d. AgI has Ksp=8.3x10^-17. Using the same method, would I^- be easier, or harder to separate from Cl^- compared to separating Br^- from Cl^-?

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