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5.Unless my girlfriend postpones her visit from Calgary, I will not have time to study for my exam.
1. Simple Sentence
2. Compound Sentence
3. Complex Sentence
4. Compound-Complex Sentence

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    How many clauses do you see here? What kind of clauses are they?

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    I see 2 clauses a dependent clause" Unless my girlfriend postpones her visit from Calgary" Indepentdent clause " I will not have time to study for my exam

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    Right! What kind of sentence has one independent and one dependent clause?

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    Complex- Thanks

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    You're welcome.

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    I completed the others but can you please tell me if they are correct or which ones I need to look back over. Thanks

    1. I do not own a Porsche. - Simple
    2. Call your father as soon as you arrive in Antigonish- Complex
    3. I ate the sushi and left the restaurant.- Compound
    4. Susanne wanted to be here, but she cannot come because her care is in the shop.- Compound
    5.The football game was cancelled because it was raining.- comples
    6. The football game was cancelled because of the rain.- complex
    When the train arrives, and if Ms. Langlois is on it, she will be served with a subpoena.- Compound- complex

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    1 and 2 -- Correct

    3. Incorrect. There's only one subject in this sentence.

    4. Incorrect. It has a dependent clause.

    5. Correct.

    6. Incorrect. It has only one verb.

    7. Incorrect. It has only one independent clause.

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    1. correct

    2. correct

    3. incorrect

    4. incorrect

    5. correct

    6. incorrect

    7. incorrect

    Some of these are deliberately tricky!

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    3. simple
    4. complex
    6. simple
    7. complex

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    All are correct now -- except # 4.

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