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For some reason I can not get my head around probability. Please show me how to work the problem not just the answers.

A class has 11 students who are to be assigned seating by lot. What is the probability that the students will be arranged in order from shortest to tallest? (Assume that no two students are the same height.)

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    There are 11! ways to arrange the students.
    One of these will be the correct order of shortest to tallest.
    So the prob is 1/11! or 1/39916800

    (I looked at it, as from shortest to tallest from the left, of course we could also have shortest to tallest from the right. In that case there would be TWO such cases and the prob would be be 2/11!
    I will let you decide which interpretation is needed)

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    I was on that line of thinking as well but there are four possible answers and that doesn't match any of them. The four possible answers are:
    A) 0.00000003 ; B) 0.1000 ; C) 0.00000025 ; and D) 0.00000028

    I really want to understand how to work these problems but I am so lost.

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    1/39916800 = .000000025

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