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MTH233/statistics UOP

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A manager has portioned the company’s sales into six districts: North, East, South, Midwest, West and International. What graph or table would you use to make the points below in a presentation for management?
1. A figure that shows the slightly more than half of all sales are made in the West district.
2. A figure that shows that sales topped $10 million in every district.
Support your choice with sound reasoning.
Without divulging any personal information, perform the same activity with regard to your yearly expenses. Delineate the amount spent on mortgage/rent, utilities, personal entertainment and the like. What are the benefits or drawbacks of this type of analysis? What conclusions might you be able to draw?

When is it more appropriate to use the standard deviation of data rather than the variance of data? Is one a better measure of dispersion than the other? Explain your reasoning.

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