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there are 7 boys and 6 girls willing to serve on a committee. how many 7-member committees are possible if a committee is to contain:

a) 3 boys and 4 girls

b) at least one member of each sex?

thank in advance!!

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    a) What is C(7,3) x C(6,4) ?

    b) with no restriction --- C(13,7)
    all girls = C(6,4)
    all boys = C(7,3)

    exclude the all boys/girs from the total.

  • math -

    i did them but i got the wrong answers

    for (a), the answer must be 525 and
    for (b), the answer must be 1715

    i got the rite answer for letter b though, by doing my own method

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    oh and thanks :]

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