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This is the first in a series of hw pages. If anyone would be able to help me with this one I think I would be able to complete the other 20 hw questions I have. Thanks to anyone that helps.

For each definition, find a corresponding term from the following list: alkane,alkene, alkyne, alcohol, ether, aldehyde, ketone, carboxylic acid, ester, amine, fuctional group, isomers.

a. Organic compounds with identical molecular formulas that differ in the order the atoms are connected.

b. An organic compound in which the hydrogen atom of a carboxyl group is replaced by a carbon atom.

c. An organic compound that contains an oxygen atom bonded to two carbon atoms.

d. A hydrocarbon that contains a carbon-carbon triple bond.

e. A characteristic group of atoms that make compounds behave and react in a particular way

f. An organic compound in which the carbonyl group is bonded to two carbon atoms.

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